Welcome to the DeathCraft Official WikiEdit

This is the official wiki for the DeathCraft modpack by alittlewarlord on Curse. All changes that you could possibly need help with will be listed here, as well as the link to download.

The Wiki Content page can be found here.

Note: This wiki is a work in progress by the modpack author. I will eventually get to the problems that people have, though I have only made this a few days after release, and going only on things that I think might be problems. I have no responses from players yet.

What is DeathCraft?Edit

DeathCraft is a hardcore survival minecraft modpack created by alittlewarlord. It is hosted on Curse, and up for download for anyone interested in playing. It introduces many new dependencies to the game through a pack of 104 mods.

The download link can be found here.

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